Know about Shantanu Naidu, owner of GoodFellow, a companionship startup to help the elderly

Ratan Tata’s business assistant Shantanu Naidu established a startup named GoodFellows. It is an upcoming for-profit startup providing intergenerational friendships, and calls itself a “companionship company”. It employs young, educated graduates up to the age of 30 to create intergenerational friendships between them and the elderly to reduce loneliness. These youngsters will help the elderly their ‘Grandpals’ like going on walks, helping with shopping, visits to the doctor, all the way to more utilitarian needs such as teaching techniques, helping with paperwork and emails, or just spending time bonding with their grandpals.

Shantanu Naidu is 28 years old and he has done his MBA from Cornell University. He is working with Mr Ratan Tata since 2018 as a Deputy General Manager (Chairman’s Office). He has worked as an automobile design engineer at Tata Elxsi in Pune and he’s the 5th generation from his family working in Tata groups.

Along with this new startup GoodFellow, he’s also the founder of Motopaws for animal welfare since 2015. The aim of the company is to fit reflective collars on the neck of stray dogs to prevent them from road killings and accidents. It was started in Pune and now is expanded in other cities also. At the age of 27, he started ‘On Your Sparks’ a start-up an online talk based on his life’s lessons that he converts into entrepreneurial lessons to help aspiring entrepreneurs. He is also the co-founder of The Holden Brothers, which conducts outdoor adventures/campings for dogs.

He is the author of the book ‘I came upon a lighthouse: Short Memoir of Life’ with Ratan Tata is a memoir penned by Shantanu Naidu and illustrated by Sanjana Desai.

He’s surely an inspiration for the young generation, the youth of this nation.