Know how did short-video making app Chingari has raised $15 million

Indian short video making app Chingari is updating itself, here is how they are doing it.

Chingari is a video-sharing mobile app. After TikTok got banned in India, this “Chingari” has replaced it. Many such applications like Moj and many more are raising these days.

What makes Chingari stand out of the group what is its speciality?

Chingari was launched in Google Play Store in November 2018. It’s an entertainment app for people of all ages. It was founded by Sumit Ghosh, Biswatma Nayak, a mechanical engineer turned programmer and Deepak Salvi, a media veteran. This app is trending right now for raising money and using the money to update itself.

Chingari app has raised 15 million dollars! In a series of extension funding led by Republic Capital. The start-up has told that all the money is used for updating the app and enhancing its technology, expanding its team all over the world. The company will also use funds to increase marketing initiatives to strengthen the brand’s reach in non-metro cities where it is not available due to some reasons. Applications like this are gaining more popularity and expanding their empire all over the world. Chingari has its crypto token “$gari” which was launched last year. Crypto exchange OKEx also made a strategic investment in the startup is a part of which will list Chingari’s native crypto token $GARI on the exchange.

Applications like Chingari and Moj set trends and this trend includes Instagram reels too, driving teens crazy about creating a video and making theiself-creativeve. Apps like this are used by all and it is used mainly because of the current situation like lockdowns and quarantines.