Know The Top 5 Brands Endorsed By “The King Of Romance” Shah Rukh Khan”

Shah Rukh Khan is a perfect example of the idiom Rags to Riches and genuine inspiration for those who struggling in the Bollywood film industry to make themselves stand out. Shah Rukh Khan is known as the best actor in the genre of romance which is why in India also known him as the “king of romance. This respected position in Bollywood is not attainable for everyone and especially for those who are outsiders.

Multinational Companies always seek to endorse their product by people choice actor, actors influence the audience to buy. And no one is unaware of SRK’s manipulation skills on camera. This is why SRK endorses many brands.

1). Frootie :

Frootie is a product of international brands Parle Agro, Frootie is a mango-flavored soft drink is the most successful product of the Parle age and one of the reasons for Frooty’s success is SRK. In an interview SRK revealed that he is delighted to be the face of Frooti, the mango drink that the entire nation has always been fond of. He also added that no other brand conjures up so much joy, desire, and magic around it like Frooti does.‌

2). Denver Deo :

Denver is India’s bestselling body fragrance, shaving foam, deodorants, haircare, skincare all products for men at minimum prices. Shah Rukh Khan is a man of Denver’s Advertisement. This Scent of Success ( Tagline of Denver) is completing with their success with SRK’s Success.

3). BigBasket :

The BigBasket is an online grocery platform that deals digitally to sold every single thing you can find on retail and wholesaler stores of grocery. And to promote Bigbasket in the Internation market, they choose Shah Rukh Khan as their brand ambassador.

4). Hyundai :

Hyundai is a Korean automobile company, captures 30% of the Indian automobile market. But to drive in this sector, the company needs a branded face that’s why Hyundai Company considered Shah Rukh Khan as a lead endorser. Shah Rukh Khan has been associated with the company for more than 20 years as its brand ambassador.

5). Byju’s

Byju’s is an edtech company, to provides online education material and tuition classes to school students. Shahrukh Khan is a brand ambassador of Byjus advertisements. But due to some situational crisis, Byju’s has stopped televising advertisements in which Shah Rukh Khan is featured.