Know Why Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey’s Father Took A Dig At Harvard Business Review’s Tweet!

Tim Dorsey, Father of Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter tweeted “Wrong name! It’s Jack Dorsey I know I’m his father @harvardbiz” let’s see what led Tim Dorsey to tweet this comment. 

On Wednesday, Harvard Business Review, a general management magazine published an article on Jack Dorsey, the man behind the success of Twitter’s ‘Jobs to be done’ approach in 2015.

Jack Patrick Dorsey is the CEO and co-founder of Twitter. Twitter faced a  loss of $521 million on revenue of $2.2 billion, and its shares were trading below its IPO price of $26 and that’s when Jack Dorsey applied the ‘Jobs to be Done’ approach policy to get Twitter on the pace.

Under this approach, Twitter understood what exactly consumers were expecting from Twitter and prioritised the jobs it wanted to focus on. Now Twitter is the most popular social media network with 206 million monetizable daily active users worldwide. 

While promoting this story on Twitter Harvard Business Review misspelt Jack’s name from Jack Dorsey to John Dorsey on which Jack’s father Tim, responded with a funny tweet. 

This tweet got many replies. One Twitter user replied “As a fellow father, this is so awesome I screen captured and tweeted it out myself just now.  💯 dad move there.  My son is just 9 now, but i’m smiling from ear to ear right now knowing I would react the same as you.  Congrats on your son’s incredible ascent in this world.  🥂”

Harvard business review also replied to the tweet with an apology for their error “Correction: The above tweet mistakenly refers to “Jack Dorsey” as “John Dorsey.” We regret the error.”