Korean Food We Crave For While Watching K-dramas

With the increasing popularity of Korean content all over the world, the Korean food culture is also being introduced globally.


The Korean wave has taken over everyone globally. BTS, K-pop bands, Korean movies, and Korean dramas everything is in reach of people globally.
Even if people don’t stan a k-pop group they like to watch k-dramas.
Watching handsome Oppas, beautiful romantic heart-melting drama sequences, and mouth drooling Korean food appears in dramas.
Doesn’t it makes your mouth drool and just want to take a flight to South Korea, that’s different we are broke. But is it just me who always drools watching food in Kdramas?

Let’s take a look at all the Korean Cuisine we wish for while watching drama.


It’s impossible if we left Ramyeon from this list because that is what we love the most. Instant noodles but Korean style. The noodles are chewier, the broth is more flavorful and spicier, and it tastes best when you slurp it right from the lid of a pot.
Every Kdrama fan knows Ramyeon should be eaten on a pot lid.

KIMCHI (Salted and Fermented vegetables)

This traditional Korean dish, prepared with salted seafood, crushed garlic, scallions, ginger, onions, pumpkin, radish, and Korean cabbage in the right proportions. This mixture is then fermented. There are almost 250 variations of kimchi including kimchi soup, salad, and much more.
It tastes best with rice too and just thinks about eating it with Ramyeon, isn’t your mouth drooling?

TTEOKBOKKI ( Rice cake)

The best street food in Korea, tteokbokki, is considered the go-to comfort food of many. These are spicy rice cakes of filling, slightly sweet and it’s perfectly balanced by the subtle heat in the sauce. We all wanted to taste once the heavenly delicious tteokbokki.


Kimbap is super easy to make and pretty tasty to eat. With lots of ingredients, it earns scores in both healthy and tasty categories. It’s most of the time the morning breakfast of our busy and hardworking female leads. Hope we’ll try once.


Jjigae is a Korean stew. There are many varieties of it and it is made with meat, seafood, or vegetables in a broth seasoned with different ingredients. Jjigae is usually served in a communal dish, boiling. There are many types of Jjigae, Kimchi Jjigae, Ge(crab) Jjigae, Shundubu(Tofu) Jjigae, Doejang(Soyabean) Jjigae.
Just imagine eating Jjigae with rice, wouldn’t it be the perfect meal?

NAENGMYEON ( Cold noodles)

These are handmade noodles made from bucket wheat flour and are normally eaten with cold soup, that’s why it’s cold noodles and it’s generally eaten to freshen up in hot summer.


Who remembers this dish from Start-up? This dish is what Han Ji Pyeong ate in one of the episodes. The nutty and thick soup of the noodles makes it taste even better. Our good boy liked it, you must try this.

SAMGYETANG( Ginseng chicken soup)

This is the perfect summer food to enjoy and relax. Samgyetang is chicken ginseng soup that brings your energy back. This soup is made with spring chicken stuffed with ginseng, glutinous rice, chestnut, garlic, jujubes, and nuts. Chicken in any form is always welcome.

JEON( Pancakes)

Jeon is a fritter in Korean cuisine made by seasoning whole, sliced, or minced fish, meat, vegetables, etc., and coating them with wheat flour and egg wash before frying them in oil. It’s the best partner with Makgeolli.

CHIKIN (Korean fried chicken)

Who can forget the fried chicken and beer sensation that took Asia by storm and proved that fried chicken can only be eaten with an accompanying beer? It comes in a variety of sweet and spicy flavors, with toppings ranging from almonds and sesame seeds to chives.
Now it gave me chicken cravings.