Lal Singh Chadda, the movie that made Aamir Khan try Digital Detox; Maybe you should try this too!

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan has recently switched off from all his social media platforms to concentrate on his upcoming movie Lal Singh Chadda. Well, most of us don’t have a movie project to motivate us to avoid social media platforms. But trying this could be the best thing you can do this year!

Let’s see what is digital detox and how you should do it:

Pandemic has turned us into bots. We are just plainly replying to online messages and dumbsrolling through infinite news feeds to stay sane – which is super insane!

Some of you watch Netflix, others Amazon Prime, well I watch YouTube videos. Anyway, these attention seekers are hitting the nail bang on. We are now virtual human beings spending around 5 hours on an average, on online media, not said by me but leading reports suggest.

“One of the important reasons behind opting for a digital detox is that those who have an addictive personality, often get obsessed with using gadgets continuously, throughout the day,” Ranjana Roy, Counselling Psychologist told IndiaToday.

Okay, this is not an appeal to stop using the internet altogether. No one wants that but we need to cut corners to accommodate what is necessary and file out what is not. Think of it as a diet, you eat what you want more and leave out what your body does not.

Create NO phone zones

As a starter make your bedroom a no-phone zone. Reports suggest that people using mobile phones in the bedroom end up using them extensively taking up the average sleep time. Find a charging station outside your bedroom.

“My No. 1 piece of advice is no phones in the bedroom overnight — this is for adults and teens, Have a charging station outside the bedroom.” Dr. Twenge said.

Avoid the pings

Each and every app in our device is designed to grab our attention and to add that these have smart AI to counter our intelligence level. So we are potentially up against something that is way ahead of our intelligence. Know your enemy, and cut off its supply. Turn off unnecessary notifications by using the APP SETTINGS.

Implement a plan

Strictly lay out a plan. It’s weird to devise a plan against yourself, seems like playing chess all by yourself. But it’s interesting. Uninstall unwanted apps, these are the ones who constantly send out notifications that ultimately take you to Instagram and Twitter. Your phone has inbuilt screen-time statistics. Go through it and optimize yourself.

“The difference between getting 10 likes and 20 likes, it’s all just meaningless,” 

Dr. Alter