Lee Cooper handed down IP rights to Iconix and Reliance industries


Dealing with more than enough industries Reliance is Asia’s top biggest player in the market within two months Reliance Industries has developed its market in diversified sectors like fashion industries of India, one of the three heir of reliance industries Isha Ambani made a deal with Manish Malhotra’s studio and purchased the stakes of MM.

Now, in a partnership with Iconix a joint venture Reliance company has dealt with a multinational company of textile leading in denim clothes to buy intellectual property rights of Lee Cooper within the boundaries of India.

“Lee Cooper also established very strong presence in the footwear market, so between Lee Cooper Clothing and Lee Cooper footwear, it’s been a very large, powerful business,” Darshan Mehta, MD at Reliance Brands and director on the board of Iconix Lifestyle India told TOI

After this agreement between Lee Cooper, Reliance industries and Iconix. Lee Coppe will issue a license to have the intellectual property rights of the company in favour of Reliance and Iconix. The process of verifying the documents and considering Reliance and iconic as a licensee is a bit long, but it will be done in quick, as presumed.

For the same purpose, Reliance industries posted an update of this collaboration on their official LinkedIn handle. Where they wrote “ Lee Cooper’s brand history and unparalleled relevance in the Indian market makes it most prestigious equation for the JV it’s a go-to denim brand that liberalised India grew up with its affinity among the customers gives us a strong foundation to rebuild the brand in company. Said, Darshan Mehta MD of Reliance Industries.