Lee Yo Young, Kang Ha Neul and More Share Their Closing Remark On ‘ Insiders’, Tap To See The Video

In the last making-of film, the “Insider” cast delivered their parting words and thanked the audience. Beginning with a welcome to the audience, Kang Ha Neul introduces the making-of video that was shot following the drama’s final day of filming. I think this was a project that I had a lot of fun with, the actor says, “I talked with the director as well as other actors in each of the sequences I filmed, so I’m looking forward to   it o.” Lee Yoo Young receives a video message from co-star Kang Ha Neul. Yoo Young, you did a fantastic job, he remarks. I’m curious about the source of your personality and influence.

There were a lot of challenging sequences, but you filmed everything without displaying any symptoms of difficulty or displeasure. I was incredibly appreciative of you as your co-star and moved by you.

I’m hoping to work with you again on a different project where we’ll have more intimate roles. Fighting Yoo Young! Rockstar Lee Yoo Young.

Thank you to the viewers who appreciated our drama,” adds Heo Sung Tae, who played Yoon Byung Wook. I once again play a villain in this endeavour, and I’m intrigued by how the audience responded to my performance. Specifically,e my acting partners were Yoo Young, who is such a darling, and Ha Neul, who is such a wonderful, cheerful, and optimistic person, I found it difficult to play the villain this time, he says. If I was a decent part of this epic story, I wouldn’t have anything more to wish for. I want to thank the two actors for their work. Lee Yoo Young and Kang Ha Neul.