Let’s Celebrate Matt Damon’s 50th Birthday With His Amazing Films

Matt Damon is a Golden Globe Award-winning actor, screenwriter and producer. He’s not only famous for his looks but his intelligent performances in every movie. He made his debut in the 1988 film Mystic Pizza. He’s turning 50 today and he still looks as handsome as he was in his early years, let’s talk about the finest movies he has given us in these years.
1) Good Will Hunting

It’s a 1997 movie directed by Gus Van Sant starring Matt Damon, Robin Williams, Ben Affleck and Minnie Driver.
Will Hunting, a genius in Mathematics solves all kinds of problems except when it’s an emotional problem. Will finds himself in an emotional crisis when he meets Dr. Sean who helps him to recover.
It’s a feel-good movie and it’s recommended in almost every feel-good movie list.
2) The Last Duel

The movie is set in France in the year 1386, a woman named Marguerite de Carrouges claims that her husband’s best friend Jacques Le Gris has raped her. So her husband the knight Jean de Carrouges challenges his friend for a duel.
3) The Rainmaker

The Rainmaker is a crime drama movie from 1997 directed by Francis Ford Coppola. The movie revolves around an inexperienced lawyer who’s a law graduate student who fights a case for a boy with leukemia and a woman who’s a victim of physical abuse.
4) Ford Vs Ferrari

Ford Vs Ferrari is a 2019 film. Matt Damon plays the role of Carroll Shelby an automotive engineer, he meets Ken Miles a race car driver. Both of these finest personalities of their respective fields come together to build a vehicle to compete against the Ferrari race car.