Lexus × Marvels Eternals, Stay Tight Folks The Ride Is Going To Be Over The Top

Lexus, the example of unimaginable engineering and automobile design Lexus company is known for the ultimate creation of sedans, SUVs, coupes, and hatchbacks. With every single launch of new four-wheelers by Lexus, it gives competition to itself because it’s not easy for competitors to combat with supreme. And every new model of automobile brings new challenges, new difficulties, and new exploration. As everyone wants for the future what is better than the present.

In the respect of this air, Lexus is back with its all-new Lexus IS 500, designed to talk with air faster than ever, smart and classy like never before. And the great launch of cars comes with great marketing efforts which is why Lexus paired with Marvel’s “Eternals” because they knew that shine of these two is eternal for ages. This is conveyed by Lexus company on their official Twitter handle and YouTube channel where we can see Kingo, (Kumail Nanjiani) performing stunts in the car.

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The first-ever #LexusIS 500, on the streets now. The first-ever #Eternals, in theaters November 5th. #ExhilarationIsEternal

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Lexus is believing that this alliance with Marvel Eternals which is a superhero-based movie where we can see superheroes fighting with aliens for the sake to save humanity from aliens’ hazardous mission. which is out on November, 5 in theatres. The target audience for Lexus is big fat youngsters who are crazy fans of Marvel too. Moreover, Lexus is also ready to drive on its new IS 500 sedans and NX on the red carpet, premiere night of “Eternals”.

For this partnership, Vice President of Lexus Mr. Vinay Shahani said: “Gen Y is going to be the biggest group of consumers for luxury vehicles here in the U.S. And Gen Y is also going to be the most diverse generation the U.S. has ever seen,”

“Eternals” features characters from a broad range of backgrounds — actors include Angelina Jolie, Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, Lauren Ridloff, Brian Tyree Henry, Salma Hayek, Lia McHugh, Barry Keoghan, Don Lee, and Kit Harrington — “we felt like the movie really aligns with our audience,” he adds.