‘Light Switch’: Charlie Puth’s new song will have you swirling!

“Light Switch,” a new song from Charlie Puth, has been released. Puth produced and co-wrote the peppy pop tune with frequent collaborator JKash and Jake Torrey, in which he croons about his desire for a love interest.

Puth documented the making of the song on TikTok for several months ahead of its release and finally released it on Thursday, January 20.

“On the songwriting level, it was really cool to share this song with the fans while I made it,” the singer said in a statement, “So they felt like they were involved at the very beginning of the song like they almost wrote it with me.”

“Light Switch” is the first single from “Charlie”, Puth’s forthcoming album, which will be released later this year in association with Atlantic Records. The album is the singer’s first full-length release since Voicenotes, which was nominated for a Grammy in 2018.

On the upbeat track, which features the classic click of a light switch on the chorus, Puth expresses his dissatisfaction with trying to walk away and being lured right back every time. While nothing is known about the album so far, Puth has been dropping hints about “Switch” on his social media accounts for months, stating on Dec. 28 that his voice has altered for a very good cause in the three years since Voicenotes.

“Charlie is my most personal record to date,” the 30-year-old remarked. “I’ve never had a chance to put out music that is truly me and every song on this album is my personality with some melody attached to it,” he confirmed.

You can watch the music video for this upbeat song below.