Lip Smacking “Fariyaali” Recipes For Garba Nights

This festive season comes with the whole package of rituals and traditions which we follow with full dedication and one of them is a crucial element of every festival which is fasting. Fasting means skipping meals one or two times a day for God’s sake. But on the other hand, festivals also mean celebrating And food and cuisine are an important part of every celebration to maintain the balance between fasting and enjoying food. Our mythology has a perfect solution for this balance which is called Fariyaali Breakfast.

In this segment let us unfold some delicious and easy-to-make food recipes to loosen joy and persisting with traditions.

1). Saabudana Wada :


Saabudana or Sago cereal soaked overnight and mix with some chilies, boiled potatoes, and some ground peanuts, and some Indian whole spices like jeera (Cumin) and salt to taste, the filling is bound together and made balls out of them, deep fry and Saabudana Wada is ready to eat.

2). Shakarkand Patties :


Shaakarkand or sweet potatoes is boiled in water for a couple of minutes and peeling off their skin, mash them with some coriander powder, salt, peppers, and red chilies to taste and shape them in the form of patties, little round and pressed, and shallow fry in oil. Enjoy Shaakarkand Pattise with green chutney.

3). Fariyaali Shikanji :


Generally, when we hear the word Shikanji, the image we create in mind is elaborate Nimbu Paani. But in Indore ( M.P)  Shikanji is served in an unusual form, with some full-fat milk churned enough with cardamom powder, chopped dry fruits, and some “Doodh Masala”and sugar.

4). Fariyaali Pani – Puri :

Regular or fasting it’s hard to resist Pani – Puri,  we have a solution for your cravings. Boil some potatoes and mash them with green chili and spices for filings, And for Puri, you can make the dough from “Rajgira Atta” which is acceptable, in fasting knead a dough cut them in the round and deep fry them, and for Paani you have to add green chili, coriander with black salt. And Faariyali Pani – Puri is ready.

5). Mixed Fruit Smoothie :


After all these heavy eats, you need something soothing and light, Seasonal fruits blended with low-fat milk and honey, and mint will help you to chill in garba nights and fasting in afternoons.