List of The Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Not On Social Media!

Social media and the online world have become one of the most crucial things in everyone’s life in today’s time. We all get the current, trendy and crisp news along with controversies from all over the world through social media. Most people, from celebrities to normal one have their accounts on social media as they share their private and work lives with their followers and let them know about their life. There are still some Bollywood celebrities who do not use social media and that is why we are listing here some of the names who do not have their accounts on the online platform.


1. Saif Ali Khan

Popularly known for his films, style, and royalty, Saif Ali Khan always stuns everyone with his fashion and looks. His lifestyle is the thing, everyone craves for sure but there is bad luck for his fans and audience. They have to surf either other celebrities’ social media accounts or the internet to get a glimpse and a new look. This is all because he does not have a social media account.

Speaking in an interview about why he does not own any social media accounts, he tells about its disadvantages other than the advantages. He says that he finds it quite difficult to manage his social media account if owns any. Although he is photogenic and loves to make a record but can’t handle the orderly things, given by the audience like, “Post this or that”.


2. Ranbir Kapoor

Same like his brother-in-law, Ranbir Kapoor also do not use social media. He is also among those celebrities who do not like someone else enjoying peeping into their life and then trolling them for whatsoever reason. He tells he likes his invisibility and that people find it more engaging and interesting, looking for him.

He further added that he is so much into acting that he does not look here and there and just wants to focus on the big screen, rather than getting himself to a place where he will only be judged and trolled for some reason. “I can come tomorrow or never but right now, I am happy at my place”.


3. Rani Mukherjee

It is a matter of her privacy and her family that does not let her be on social media. One of the most underrated and talented actresses of the time now, she feels that social media snatches all your privacies and the private space, you have created. She always keeps her family, relations, and the responsibility of a mother before any social media platform.

It was also revealed in one of her interviews that she even do not use WhatsApp, which is the die heart thing in today’s time. She tells that you will find the basic things on her phone like the messaging app and phone calls. She further tells that people sometimes get so furious about her not using WhatsApp as well. Last but not the least, it is her choice and everyone must respect that.


4. Rekha

The veteran actress Rekha is also among those celebrities who do not use social media. The beauty of Silsila, Umrao Jaan, and Muqaddar Ka Sikandar along with many other films could not be complete without her. Still looking beautiful and beating other actresses of this time, Rekha is also among those who find it difficult to be on social media.

From her interviews, the idea could be drawn that she does not believe in the life of a social media. She is a reserved person. Many of the co-stars of her time like Hema Malini have come to social media but she likes to keep her life away from social media and enjoys precious time.


5. Jaya Bachchan

“You have the right to say about my films and looks but don’t you dare to put your legs into my personal life”-the statement clearly describes that she is also among those celebrities who do not like someone else interfering in their personal life.

She further added that she doesn’t like someone else making money by putting her anger videos and speeches on social media and selling them to people. After Nanda Naveli asked her about her interest in social media, she told that she does not interest in that thing which will interfere with her personal life along with the family.