List of The Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Not On Social Media!

Hollywood is one of the top entertainment industries all over the globe and most celebrities try to retain their identity in the same industry as well. Known for its story concept, visualization, and 3D formation, most celebrities from Hollywood share their work life and personal life on their social media platforms with the audience. But just like some Bollywood celebrities, some Hollywood celebrities do not use social media for whatsoever reason. We have summarised some of the names here.


1. Kate Winslet

The first name on our list is the gorgeous actress; Kate Winslet. Popularly known for her work in the movies like Titanic and Avatar: The Way of Water among others, she is the one who does not have any social media accounts. She has also kept her children away from the same.

She feels that social media not only brings physical and mental illness but can ruin someone’s life. She also advises parents to keep their children away from it and don’t let them sleep with their smartphones. She has made it clear that she will not have any social media accounts.


2. Brad Pitt

This is true that an Oscar-winning star does not have any social media accounts. Although there are many fan pages of him he does not like to be in the online world. Talking in an interview, he said that he does not feel any need for social media and finds it hard to manage it.

He further added that social media can be useful to counteract any misinformation spreading straightway but not in his life, although her ex-wife; Angelina Jolie does have a social media account.


3. Kristen Stewart

Doing wonders in the Twilight Saga and La La Land, Kristen Stewart does not feel the need for social media in her life. She stated that social media must have done wonders in the life of many celebrities but not in her life.

She told in an interview that she is not so much an engaging person who can share glimpses with her followers but at the same time, she is not a hiding person as well. She has made it clear that she will not be interested in social media at any time.


4. Daniel Radcliffe

The Harry Potter star; Daniel Radcliffe is also among those celebrities who do not use any social media account. Talking about his decision, he told in an interview that he does not like to see any post of his controversy or fight that would make him upset.

Despite the advantages of social media, he believes that people will push you in the hell of wrong things and sell the news on the internet. He said that he is happy right now without social media and can think about making an account in the future.


5. Pete Davidson

Last but not the least, Pete Davidson deleted his Instagram account within a week. Earlier, people thought the reason for his not being present on any social media and some even thought it is Kanye West but the result came out to be something different.

He told that he got a flood of messages, having both positive and negative comments that made him a little bit upset. It is that he feels it is quite good to focus on the work life and the projects rather than focusing on how you are getting trolled.