‘Little Women’ Trailer Is Officially Out, Tap to see the trailer

Three sisters who live in abject poverty in “Little Women” fantasise about a wealthy and exciting life. The second-born daughter of Nam Ji Hyun, Oh In Kyung, a journalist, assumes the identity of Nam Ji Hyun. She has no fear of money despite growing up in poverty. On the other side, Park Ji Hu plays Oh In Hye, the youngest sister who is a natural artist, and Kim Go Eun plays Oh In Joo, her older sister who will stop at nothing to preserve their family.

Oh In Kyung displays her devoted and workaholic persona as a journalist in the images that have been made public. Her piercing, intent stare reveals that she is a lady with morals and a feeling of obligation. Oh, In Kyung has consistently adhered to her ideals despite being destitute.

But a mysterious event alters the course of her and her sisters’ lives.
Kim Hee Won, who has helmed Vincenzo, Money Flower, and Fated to Love You before, is the series director.

Screenwriter Jung Seo Kyung, who also penned the screenplays for The Handmaiden, Mother, and Thirst, is responsible for the series adaptation. As mentioned, the premiere of the Little Women adaption from South Korea will air on Netflix on Saturday, August 27, 2022, but now the episode will premiere on Netflix on Saturday, September 3, 2022.