London has been named the best city for 2023

LONDON has been named the best city in the world, overtaking Paris, New York, and Tokyo to the top spot.
The 11 million-person city was recognized in particular for its great cuisine, fame as the “hashtag capital of the world” on social media, and plenty of luxurious residences that draw the super-wealthy.

Resonance, a real estate and tourism firm, created the rankings, which take into account six key factors, including site, product, programming, people, prosperity, and promotion. Since 2018, London has drawn more foreign direct investments into IT than any other city, ahead of New York, Singapore, and Dubai. Compared to other rankings that are more focused on holidays, they are more focused on economic and commercial criteria, such as the number of significant tech enterprises in a certain city.

In both the people and promotion categories, London received the most votes, with the strongest social media presence of any city.
Paris came in second behind London, with New York taking third. The top five were completed by Tokyo and Dubai.