Look how Aman Gupta, founder of BoAt company replied to Zomato on twitter!

Aman Gupta CEO and MD of BoAt.nirvana company replied to Zomato’s meme on Twitter.

Aman Gupta is the founder, CEO and MD of India’s popular electronic brand BoAt. Aman is one of the judges in Shark Tank India, a reality show. He is an entrepreneur inspiring the youths of India.

Aman replied to Zomato’s meme on Twitter. Zomato is a food delivery company in India. Zomato is known for its creativity. They create memes and pick up lines perfect for advertising their company. In the same way, Zomato created a meme and shared it on Twitter that contained Aman Gupta’s picture saying “O hum bhi bana lenge”, and captioning it as “moms every time you order food”.

Aman replied to this tweet saying that he wants some offers or discounts against this meme. He said, “Okay. Done. And I’m asking for some food credits or discounts against this meme”. It seems to be in a funny way!

Aman’s tweet received way more likes and retweets than the actual meme shared by Zomato. All the comments were written funnily.