Looking for mesmerizing road-trip destinations? Pack your bags for these Top 5 places to visit in Maharashtra

Maharashtra is counted as one of the states with aesthetician and unparalleled nautral beauty and is also one of the most commercially developed states. Owing to its rich history it has a lot of historical spots to visit. At the same time it has many relaxing sights which make for a fabulous road trip. In the following writing, you can find several of the best places to visit in Maharashtra through a road trip that you must take given the opportunity.

1. Kaas plateau
This place is definitely a mood booster after seeing vibrant and rich colored flowers all over the place. This is a less well known place but has potential ro attract large number of tourists.

2. Malshej Ghat
You can spot a variety of fauna and floral over here and other significant things which will catch your attention are rock formations, pristine waterfalls, and verdant hillsides. It is one of the best places for a quick road trip from Mumbai.

3. Nashik
Road trip from Mumbai to Nashik is one of the best. The distance between these two cities is very less, and the road connecting is smooth. On your way to Nashik, you will come across a lot of greenery. Nashik is famous for the number of vineyards it has. Apart from that, the place also has several temples, forts, and caves.

4. Tarkarli
You get everything over here beaches, waterfalls, mountains, and a clear sky at night. Scuba diving and Snorkeling is carried out here and it is the only place in Maharashtra where it is carried out.

5. Kamshet
The paddy and sunflower fields in Kamshet look captivating and the best way to reach there is by Mumbai-Pune express highway. The hills that surround this village have some caves and forts, which you can take a tour of. While you are here, you can try paragliding. A few of the attractions here are Pawna Lake, Kondeshwar Temple, Karla Caves, and Bhaja Caves.