Louis Vuitton dropped an airplane-shaped purse worth Rs 28 Lakh

The Fall-Winter 2021 release of the latest Louis Vuitton has raised a lot of eyebrows across the globe. Designer Virgil Abloh has created this unique and fascinating purse shaped like a commercial airplane. And the more disturbing fact is its price. This absurd designer piece is priced around $39,000 which is almost the price of a commercial airplane.

The photo of this expensive purse was posted on Twitter, showing the nacelles, wing to stabilize, and a masculine monogram eclipse canvas.

The people on Twitter went crazy and the result was thousands of tweets from all over the world – not necessarily supportive but some of them are hilarious!

“You can buy an actual plane for far less,” wrote one Twitter user, posting a picture of a 1968 Cessna 150 single-engine plane with a reduced price of $32,300. 

The design by Abloh was one of several recently released products that he says were inspired by “tourist vs. purist” archetypes.