Louis Vuitton’s yoga mat is hurting sentiments of Hindus worldwide

Louis Vuitton, a luxury goods maker recently released its leather yoga mat which is made partly from cowhide leather. A Hindu activist called out the Luxury brand for their “hugely insensitive” move. The Universal Society of Hinduism’s president, Rajan Zed issued a statement on Tuesday, said, the leather yoga mat is “highly inappropriate” for practising Hindus who regard cows a sacred symbol of the religion. He also said that Yoga was introduced by Hinduism, it is a sacred and ancient discipline and now performing yoga in a mat which is made from a killed cow is ‘painful’.

The Paris-based luxury brand did not respond to Rajan Zed’s statement and has continued selling the Yoga mat online for $2,390 online which is mostly made of canvas and partly cowhide leather.

Rajan Zed demanded Louis Vuitton to apologize for hurting Hindu sentiments and discontinue the product. He also said that the company should not mock religious sentiments in such ways and follow the corporate code of conduct.

The Universal Society of Hinduism is based in Reno, Nevada and has called out several such companies for using Hindu deities for what they consider commercial misuse.