Low Carb High Protein Diet Stimulates Weight Loss: Myth or Reality

There’s a term used in Health and Medical Sciences which is called “Balanced Diet” where you need to have every essential nutrient in your daily diet or meal consumption. However, with the gaining popularity of several other diet forms such as the Ketogenic Diet, The Fruit and Salad Diet, Intermittent Fasting Diet and the most popular one Low Carb High Protein Diet. Now all these diets have their same origin and it’s the People with a Weight Loss Agenda.

With all these popular diets in existence, one of the most peculiar yet prominent ones is the “Low Carb High Protein Diet”. Sharing my personal experience, I don’t pursue the term Fitness Freak but to stay fit and healthy I go to the gym daily while eating home-cooked food. But I’ve seen many people in my gym getting advice to follow the Low Carb High Protein Diet. Curiously, I asked one of our Gym Trainers about the Weight Loss being associated with Low Carb High Protein Diet. What he spoke stunned me to an extent where I too followed the said Diet for around 15 days.

Science Behind Weight Loss

Everything which revolves around weight loss has its own significant role. The actual science behind weight loss isn’t about cutting down on meals or skipping one of the meals but the science is to Check on your Calorie Count. Now, understand this, a Healthy Human Body needs 1700 to 2000 calories per day. An easy way for weight loss is to be in a Calorie Deficit state because when you count calories in every meal you get a brief idea as to how many calories you are consuming and how you can expend it.

When you stay in a Calorie Deficit state your body yearns for energy and there it breaks down the stored fat and converts it into Glucose and fulfills its Energy Requirements. The Cherry on the Cake is if you are staying in a Calorie Deficit state and exercising to shed some extra pounds then your Weight Loss Process becomes faster because of your Net Metabolism Rate.

Low Carb High Protein Diet Associated with Weight Loss

If you know how the stored fat cells are converted into glucose and then the glucose is used in the form of energy, you must have guessed the importance of the Low Carb High Protein Diet.

It’s self-explanatory that Carbohydrates are nothing but Glucose and Starch and when you are consuming Carbohydrates you are providing your body with enough energy to do other essential processes. And in this process, the stored fat cells aren’t utilized for Energy Production. This is the prime reason why people opt for Low Carb High Protein Diet. There are several other reasons behind the Mechanism of Low Carb Diets.

Low Carb Diets lower downs the Insulin Level. Insulin is the prime reason for Energy Storage, Consumption, and Regulation of Blood Sugar Levels. But another main reason is Insulin has the command over the fat cells to store fat when the Insulin Level gets at the peak. So the bottom line fact remains when we consume a Low Carb diet our Blood Sugar Level drops and the energy required is consumed from the stored fat cells which are converted into Fatty Acids by Lipolysis. Insulin can sometimes turn out to be your foe as occasionally it stores the dangerous visceral fats in the unwanted area such as Belly, Thighs, Underarms, etc. These are stubborn fats and are a threat because they can increase bad cholesterol.

When you lower your consumption of Carbs and Fats you tend to consume more protein-rich foods such as pulses, meat, legumes, sprouts, etc. Protein has a significant role to play in weight loss because it boosts metabolism and usually reduces appetite. Proteins are converted into Amino acids which are somewhat similar to glucose but the only weak link is Nitrogen in Amino Acids. The Amino Acids goes through a process where Nitrogen is removed and then it is utilized for Muscle and Cell Repair and in another body mechanism.

Low Carb diets are preferred because the fat burning process accelerates and you tend to see results in 2 weeks. Initially, you lose a significant amount of weight including water weight because your energy requirement of the body is fulfilled by Protein and the stored body fats which boost metabolism and stimulate weight loss.

Nothing rocket science behind the Low Carb Diets but the minimal facts backed by proper scientific research which needs to be understood before jumping on to this diet or for getting the desired results. In this blog post, I’ve managed to provide you with every important step you should pursue in your Weight Loss Journey. You need to understand the science behind it and step into your Regime.


Low Carb High Protein Diet stimulates weight loss is not a myth because it is not a harmful diet and when followed properly gives desired results. But as I said, everything has a limitation. When we say Low Carb that doesn’t mean you won’t include any carbs in your diet, you need to minimize your Carb intake not that you fully eliminate it. People mistake Low Carbs for No Carbs and end up in a mess created by themselves. Before getting enrolled in any Diet Program please check every nuance, advantage, side effect, and if your body can endure that diet.