Luxurious Mountainside hotels with the best facility and food

When the mountains call for vacation no one can resist, the big mountain covered with lush green trees and beautiful speaking and shining crystal ice, the immense peace and serene with the coziness in front of a bonfire. I bet one can not deny this feeling of satisfaction and completeness. The happiness of having a cup of hot chocolate with cinnamon oats cookies or red wine with cheese and staring at mountains and trees from the window or the balcony will leave you with extreme solace and pleasure. So, let us here find some very best mountainside hotels and know what makes them stand out from the other hotels.

1). Wildflower Hotel Shimla :

Shimla’s wildflower hotel is the best cottage themes hotel. This hotel cherished the ambiance of the British era and serving you with some full-fledged services.  With different kinds of stays like premiere rooms, premier rooms with mountain views, deluxe suites, Lord Kitchener suite, each is different from one another, the views the facilities and the staff is very easy going that you would like to stay more than you planned. And the food here is quite delicious and fancy here perfect Instagram material!

2). JW Marriott Mussoorie Walnut Groove Resort& Spa:

JW Marriott is an Indian luxury hotel chain they have hotels in every location you aspire to stay whether a beach or a mountain or in the countryside. JW Marriott Mussoorie is the best choice for those who want to enjoy the mountains and do not want to compromise with their high standards. JW Marriott will back up everything soothing indoor swimming pool, lush green garden, hot springs, you can enjoy playing billiards and pool with having a glass of red wine in hand.  JW Marriott is the perfect one.

3).Taj Savoy, Ooty :

The expanded piece of hospitality services by the Taj group of luxury hotels. Covered in the area of 6 acres built-in the regime of Britishers in 1834 not precisely but in between this period.  Each room is organized to give you lounge service at the room, every room has its mini-bar, satellite TV, free internet services, and exquisite beds. Tan Savoy has a total of 44 rooms including a gym area, piano area, and so on. The hotel is not enriched with luxuries but the satisfying view and simplicity of staff, food, and the ambiance rejoice inside out and satisfy your soul.

4).Royal Orchid Fort Resort, Mussoorie :

Royal Orchid Fort in Mussoorie is the finest hotel in India to provide you with breathtaking views of mountains from the window of your hotel rooms. The beautiful hotel with all lavish facilities is located in the quaint valleys of Mussoorie and at the sneak peek. Mountains. One can go for a small trip which is nearby to the hotel-like Gun hills, Bhatta Falls, Jwala Ji temples, Mussoorie lake, and jharipani waterfalls. And in the inside of the hotel, you can enjoy your experience time with a fine dining experience in the restaurant, a fun time in the gaming area. Royal Orchid Fort is a perfect fit for you to enjoy time with family and friends.

5). Shakti Leti 360° in the Himalayas :

The lesser-known are of Uttrakhand, Shakti Leti 369° is located in Kumaon village. Which is best for you if you want to be surrounded by mountains and in insolation to realize yourself. The hotel is located in the village where you can take a walk nearby and explore something more different than usual and understand the life of hilly areas better.

Hotel rooms are full of facilities like full AC, minibar, refrigerator, microwave, family suites and you have extra free space for smoking, pet-friendly hotel so you don’t need to leave your pet in your neighbor’s house.

6). Vivanta By Taj,  Coorg :

Vivanta By Taj is a hotel chain from the TATA services. Vivian’s by taj is a hotel located in Coorg that comprises  63 cottages, villas, suites anything you wish for. Promoting lush and dense nature with their Jiva Grande Spa faculty and swimming pool that can be adjusted according to season. You can arrange special and elegant dinner parties and events for your loved ones here. The chefs are so professional yet serve you the meal that is customized by you. Overall Vivanta By Taj is the best hotel for you want a hotel with home vibes.