Luxury that crosses the seven seas and makes you well like a king


The Caribbean is the most popular cruise destination. Nearly 35% of all cruises sail the Caribbean. One likely wishes for at least a 7-day Caribbean trip on a cruise. The Caribbean offers a picturesque tropical vacation that one probably sees on social media.

Popular Caribbean ports include St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, and the British Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Honduras, and Mexico. All islands offer a variety of popular activities like beach breaks, island tours, snorkeling, and historic and cultural tours, and some adventure activities like zip-lining and off-road tours at most ports of call.


Another cruise destination for cruises of shorter duration is the Bahamas. The Bahamas region is home to many cruise line private destinations. These islands offer included food, beach access with loungers, and other amenities.

Mexican Riviera

The ports of Mexican Riviera, like Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta, offer amazing beaches, immersive cultural and historical experiences, and a festive atmosphere day and night. The Mexican Riviera is much like the Caribbean for West Coasters.

Popular cruise lines of this region include Carnival Cruise Line which offers different departure points in Southern California. Different cruises offer a few different itineraries in the region; some cruise lines do offer some sailings in the Mexican Riviera, like Norwegian Cruise Line and Holland America Line, though options are a bit more limited. The tropical cruise regions have plenty of beach breaks, island tours, food tastings, and nature excursions to experience and also offer exclusive whale watching, cultural shows like Rhythms of the Night, and some unique landscapes.



Alaska is a seasonal top cruise destination. For many, this region is on their bucket list. These vacations appeal to nature lovers, photographers, and explorers. Along with glacial vistas, wildlife encounters, and some of the freshest seafood, Alaska hosts some of the newest and most innovative ships. Some popular port stops include Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway, Alaska, and_ often visit Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia as well. These ports of call offer a variety of shore excursion options from helicopter rides over glaciers to whale watching, bear sightings, salmon bakes, and historic gold route tours.

If one wants to cruise Alaska, he/she will have to wait for summer. Alaska cruise season generally runs from May until September.