Mahindra guarantees highest mileage on all its trucks: Says can return the truck if not received as guaranteed

Many people use Mahindra’s vehicles because of their features and especially the mileage provided on its cars and other vehicles. Mahindra’s trucks and buses are some heavy vehicles we often see on the road.
Mahindra had removed an offer ‘ Get more mileage or give the truck back’ in 2016 on their Blazo trucks. They are back now with the offer on the entire range of trucks- HCV, IVC, and LVC. They announced yesterday and posted today on their Twitter account and guaranteed to have the ‘ Highest mileage’ and if they feel they are not receiving the highest mileage get can return the truck. Veejay Nakra, the chief executive officer of Mahindra & Mahindra, said that this was the correct time to introduce this offer because of the rising fuel prices and he also believed that this offer would reinsure faith in the customers’ minds that Mahindra can make technological advancements.
Mileage is very important in trucks, as trucks are mainly used for transportation purposes. The company is hoping that this would create a hype in the customers’ minds as the fuel prices are rising day by day and more mileage is something that can attract them towards buying their trucks.
Here is Mahindra’s Twitter post: