Marvel’s Morbius is Now Available on Prime for Rent, Check out Details!!

Morbius was released on prime for rent on 16th June.

Morbius is a Sony Marvel movie which was released on 1st April. The movie received mixed reactions from its fans as some said that the movie was good but some said that Morbius’s powers were undermined in the movie as compared to the comics and the storyline was also not that great. The MCU is bringing all the Sony Marvel characters in the MCU too so the fans hope to see Morbius in MCU soon. A few weeks ago Jared Leto had revealed that Morbius 2 is in the works.

Fans were waiting for a digital release and Amazon Prime Video have come as a blessing as Morbiius is now available on Amazon Prime Video for rent. The charges are minimal if one wishes to have early access of Morbius on Prime. The movie was released on prime a few days back on 16th June but lack of Marketing did not inform enough people that Morbius is on Prime. Today a post of new released on Prime helped several fans focus on the fact that Morbius is on Prime Video for  rent.

The rent charges are minimal as from SD and HD quality are for just ₹99. We can keep the movie for 30 days from the time we buy and for 48 hours from the time we start the movie. The movie will also be soon available on Prime Video to watch for free for subscribers.

Several movies are available for early access on prime and also for free but Morbius is leading as it is the No 1 movie on Prime video.