Matthew McConaughey’s beach bum is an insufferable stoner comedy

Matthew McConaughey stars in this stoner ‘comedy’ named The Beach Bum. The movie revolves around a dopped-up guy moving through his midlife who doesn’t care a lot about his actions. This has already checked all the boxes for the same old stoner comedy barring the fact that this doesn’t have a substantial story to back the screenplay.

Moondog is a washed-up poet with Peter Pan syndrome who lives on a beach Harmony Korine’s The Beach Bum. He’s a happy-go-lucky person, which is an obvious character portrayal for a stoner comedy. And who occasionally writes a couple of lines to make the audience still remember the fact about him being a writer. His after-time is largely funded by his wealthy wife Minnie(Isla Fisher). The plot doesn’t lay off the character to justify the surroundings most of the time the character feels out of place as they do not belong to the setup. 

Moondog always has a happy ending though with all the wrong or right decisions he takes. He is kind of entitled to certain privileges and as a result, the character seems disconnected.

This stoner comedy is a hard watch. Although it claims to be a comedy I hardly smiled. There is nothing fascinating about Moondong’s character, it doesn’t resonate well with the larger audience.

Korine probably thought to say a story about the “Live young, die fast” idealogy. But eventually, it doesn’t connect. It’s a huge miss altogether missing out on the film intent altogether. The Beach Bum is just about a middle-dude, by a dude, for other dudes.

Image Credit: New York Time

The expectation from the trailer and early teasers never seemed interesting and boy was it a right judgment. 

However, coming to the better part of the movie- The background score by Jhone Debney is complementing the settings. The indie-film-neon-lights aesthetic that The Beach Bum has had a refreshing effect on me.  There’s a mix of songs from The Cure (I shall revisit them once again), and also a song ‘Moondog’ by Buffet and Uncle Snoop is all well and good.