Meet The Future Of Automobile Industry, AI Enabled Cars

Artificial intelligence, the term with which we all are familiar with is currently emerging as a star component in the automobile sector, especially cars. Apart from Elon Musk’s Tesla several other companies are currently focusing on AI component in the cars produced by their brand. The reason behind its emergence is that it responds quickly to the the real-world data but it would take some time to become a common thing between the public. But with different companies’ efforts and hard work, AI will pave its way. One  such company is NuTonomy, situated in Boston, Massachusetts. They installed  software that enables vehicles to navigate even in the most complex traffic situations. They also contribute socially by adding very little to the environmental pollution. Another name coming up in this field is of Autox, which is in San Jose, a California-based company.  Their vehicles have AI software that helps their users to make good decisions on the road. Their main focus is on grocery delivery. Drive AI is also popular for its AI-enabled feature. The company is using artificial intelligence to change current transportation systems with the help of self-driving services. Its unique selling proposition is that they even display a sign to the pedestrians indicating them that it will wait for them to cross the road first, making it the first of its kind. It helps a lot in maintaining the speed limits and reduces the number of accidents. Another eco-friendly automobile straight away from Massachusetts is Optimus Ride. Their inbuilt AI feature helps in limiting the number of cars on the roads and also decreases the hazardous environmental impacts. Recently, they also received a green signal to test in cities and towns.

Another automobile brand is WAYMO. Its  special AI feature enables it to detect pedestrians, vehicles, cyclists, road construction, and other obstacles from up to 300 yards away which would help in reducing accidents. Carby, a California-based company is popular for its feature which alerts bad driving habits and usually warns drivers of possible dangers like lane departure and forward collision. It not only will help save hospital bills but several lives as well. AI-enabled cars are the future of automobile industry as it not only helps us imagine a better future but a safer future as well.