Meet the new owner of Princess Diana’s amethyst cross necklace

The Royal and Noble Sale was held at the Sotheby’s in London on Wednesday. Princess Diana’s famous amethyst cross was been put for the sale. The princess was seen wearing the necklace during 1987, London Charity Gala for birth right. The pendant of the necklace is made out of huge amethyst stones, and is framed with 5.2 carat diamonds.

Kim Kardashian was seen bidding on the necklace, during the sale and is the new owner of the precious jewel. Kardashian paid  £163,800 for the cross. While four people were actively bidding on the cross, Kim managed to call it hers.

Kristian Spofforth, the head of jewellery at  Sotheby’s London said, “Jewellery owned or worn by the late Princess Diana very rarely comes on to the market, especially a piece such as the Attallah Cross, which is so colourful, bold and distinctive.” He further added, “To some extent, this unusual pendant is symbolic of the princess’s growing self-assurance in her sartorial and jewellery choices, at that particular moment in her life.”