Megan Fox- In And Out Of Hollywood

Enticing reality a star both in and out of the limelight

Megan Fox has opened up about how she feels regarding the media’s perception of her now after the mistreatment she’s endured over the years. Megan’s career has been tarnished by double standards and sexist comments since she burst into the mainstream.

Speaking in a GQ interview this week, Megan admitted that she had taken a lot of work on her part to come to terms with the re-evaluation of herself in the media and that she’d taken to not leaving the house during a break from doing press.

“I’ve done everything you can do to try to make sense of that,” the 35-year-old said. “Because it’s easy when you go through something like that to feel like a victim. That’s your first instinct and response, but that doesn’t serve you and that makes life miserable, living life as a victim. ‘Why is this happening to me?’ You’re giving away your power constantly.”

However, over time, Megan revealed that she’d done “a lot of work to remove that feeling of being a victim” and instead chose to take a lesson from her past.

“There was purpose in it and I didn’t have to suffer anymore,” she said. “It’s [made me grow] into a much more interesting human being than I would have been without that. So it allows you the space to have gratitude for something that previously you felt persecuted by. That’s the one thing in my life I did do a lot of work on, I do feel free from.

 Machine Gun comet in Megan Fox’s life

The world is witnessing a ritual that is equal parts sacred and profane – a physical consummation of sorts for the pair. The first thing we need to know is that they are an absolutely good couple. The musician, born Colson Baker but better known as Machine Gun Kelly, is a handsome 6ft 4in hunk with white-blond hair and covered in tattoos. Fox, an actress, is the most beautiful woman and extremely talented. She is the ideal cool-babe consort for a burgeoning superstar like MGK, a rapper turned rocker whose new album, Born With Horns, is executive-produced by Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker. The record is dark pop-punk that chronicles MGK’s recent life leading up to the moment he met Fox on a movie set and they fell in love. With the new album, they have taken love to the next stage.

While they make quite a pair in person, their love runs deeper than the obvious physical chemistry, to a place of what they describe as a spiritual connection. It is intoxicating to be around two people who are this far gone for one another. They walk in the footprints and both at a place in their lives where they’re willing to lay it all on the line for love.

Fox and MGK are in Love, with a capital L. While they are both famous sex symbols, they act like kids together. He treats her with the respect she has always deserved and that itself is very romantic. Their energy together is playful. They make each other laugh.