Mental tricks to make your New Year resolutions go beyond the first week

For many cultures, the dawn of the new year is marked not only with celebration, but also the opportunity for personal reflection and growth.But as the year progresses, our determination and self betterment’s feeling seems to decline very much. But as it is said that “To err is human,” we usually get away from our aim but the good news is our tendency to give up can be circumvented. There are various ways we can strengthen our commitment to our new year’s goals.

1.Set resolutions that match your deeper values

Your personal beliefs and hopes have a key role in sustaining your motivational impetus and keeping you focused. This form of motivation is associated with increased personal well-being.

2.Try to set “new” resolutions
Tend to set new resolutions and try forgetting the old ones and the ones you have abandoned. This is preferable to recycling old ones. If you still want to pursue a resolution from last year, try to be more specific in your approach.

3. Set resolutions as specific plans
These should account for factors such as time, place and people. Specific plans provide the mental cues needed to stick to our goals.This is because they’re also less mentally taxing than more vague or generic plans that require further thinking.

4. Identify and imagine your desired positive outcome
Visualising your goals will help keep you focused on identifying the specific resources your resolution requires. It will also help mobilise a sustained pursuit of the goal.

5. Reward small gains along the way
Enjoying small progress gains is not only pleasurable, it will also help to motivate you.

6. Be realistic
Always have the resolution that can be achievable and is possible for a individual. The more realistic the resolution the less possibility of abandoning it.