Meta Reveals New Call Missed Authentication Method

Meta has begun testing a new technique for users to authenticate their accounts to reduce costs associated with SMS fees while keeping the potential for phone-based verification.

By monitoring phone behavior, the new approach enables consumers to confirm their information via a missed call.
By using the method, Meta’s applications will be able to recognize when the missed call arrives and the contents of that call, eliminating the need for you to pick up and giving you another means to authenticate your account without having to input a password. Which, as mentioned, would also result in cost savings.

As Twitter recently noted when it announced the removal of the service for free users, Microsoft’s two-factor verification costs the platforms a lot of money each year. Platforms are charged by telco carriers for each SMS that is delivered for 2FA. Twitter has allegedly had to pay more than $60 million in increased telecom fees annually as a result of curtailing its SMS 2FA access.

This might be prevented with the use of Meta’s missed call feature, which also makes it a little simpler for users to log in using authentication procedures. But, it isn’t yet generally accessible. According to Meta, only Facebook Lite and certain specific locations presently enable using missed calls for authentication.
But, it may be increased in the future, giving users and platforms themselves another choice.