Microsoft lays off the team that trained staff on how to safely create AI tools

As part of recent layoffs that affected 10,000 people around the firm, Platformer has found that Microsoft eliminated its entire ethics and society team within the artificial intelligence division.

While Microsoft is leading the battle to make AI tools accessible to the general public, the decision strips the firm of dedicated staff to make sure its AI concepts are intimately related to product design, according to current and former workers.

The Office of Responsible AI, which is entrusted with developing guidelines and norms to direct Microsoft’s AI activities, is still operational. Notwithstanding the latest layoffs, the corporation claims that its total investment in responsible work is rising.
Employees said that the company’s responsible AI concepts were genuinely reflected in the design of the products that shipped thanks in large part to the efforts of the ethics and social team.

The group has been attempting to pinpoint dangers since Microsoft started integrating OpenAI technology throughout its whole line of products.
In 2020, the ethics and society team had a staff of about 30 people, including engineers, designers, and philosophers. The team’s size was reduced in October as part of an organizational change to about seven persons.