Microsoft Plans To Invest in OpenAI At A $29 Bn Valuation

The recent hit in the field of artificial intelligence, OpenAI, a research organization is in talks with Microsoft to receive an investment of $10 bn with a valuation of $29 bn.

Microsoft gets 75% of OpenAI’s profits until it reaches up to $10B. After achieving $10B, the ownership structure becomes Microsoft (49%), other investors (49%) and OpenAI non-profit parent (2%).

This organization is also planning to make a paid version of its recent hit ChatGPT. Recently, those ChatGPT servers went offline. They are back online with a hitch that the previous chat conversations are unavailable.

OpenAI develops AI technology and works on various fields of AI like machine learning, natural language processing and computer vision. They’ve created globally hit AI platforms like the GPT language model and OpenAI Gym for reinforcement learning. Consequently, they are aiming for responsible use of AI in the future while teaming with other organizations.