Millennials Lingo, Slangs used by millennials

Keeping up with the lingo is one of the most important things to survive in this world of the internet.

With the modernization of everything in the world, our languages are also getting modernized. The Millennial generation are now changing the language by introducing the new slangs making it everyday lingo. As everything is now online a lot of new abbreviations and slangs are used by Gen Y and Gen Z. And in this world of hashtags, slangs are also getting popular. Let’s see the few popular slangs used by the millennials.

1) Fomo

This is an abbreviation for ‘Fear of Missing Out,’ used when you are feeling that you’re missing out on something fun or important.

2) LOL

This is an abbreviation for Laugh Out Loud, which is used to tell that you’re laughing out loud for a meme your friend sent you.


When someone is acting strange and suspicious this slang is used.

4) BRB

Be right back that means to ask someone to wait and you’ll be back soon.

5) FML

Fu*k my life, in this new generation everyone is frustrated in their life, this slang is used to you’re frustrated by your life

6) TBH

To be honest, this is also one of the most popular slang used my millennials fo

7) SMH

Shaking my head, we do this physically but when you’re talking about millennials lingo used in chats this abbreviation is used.


Laughing my a** out, when the meme is so funny that you can’t just send LOL, you send LMAO to tell that you’re laughing with your heart.


No, it’s not the animal goat, it’s G.O.A.T that means Greatest Of All Time. It’s used when you’re praising something or someone who’s the best of all time.


For your information, this slang is used to add some info or instructions you’ve to give

11) ASAP

As soon as possible, the full form of this slang differs from its meaning, when someone sends you ASAP, it means as quickly as possible.

12) IDK

I don’t know, this is the most basic and most popular slang used nowadays.

13) TTYL

Talk to you later, used when you want to talk later.

14) BTW

This means By The Way, used to add information or to introduce a new topic while talking.

15) XOXO

By sending these you mean that you’re sending hugs and kisses to someone.

16) YOLO

You only live once, this a one of the trending hashtag used in social media that reminds everyone that you only live once and you should do what makes you happy.

Apart from these Bro, Dude, Cool, Awe, Stud, Babe, BBG (baby girl), Fam, Savage, AF (As Fu*k), woke, On fleek etc are some of the favourite slangs used these days.