Millionaire injects own stem sell worth 18L to age till 180

Dave Asprey an American millionaire wishes to live till 180. A rare wish to have. Nevertheless, he has found a way to do this. Injecting his own stem cell into his bone marrow. The procedure cost 18L per session.

He later comments that his outrageous wish and his ways to get that would soon be quite popular like having a mobile phone. He also says that injecting stem cells can give you a considerable amount of increased lifespan but the procedure must be also done with other de-aging techniques like – sitting in a cold cryotherapy chamber and intermittent fasting. He calls it ‘Biohacking’. 

Dave also adds that people who use this therapy at the age of 40 will likely be highly happy and functional at the age of 100.

“I am curious, I think there is a lot of things we can fix and improve in the world and I don’t feel I’m at all done yet” 

Dave Asprey

By now he has invested around $1 million in the procedure and over the year have been practicing intermittent fasting and was bathing in a cold shower for over 10 years.