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It’s a stereotype about the word smoking, we always considered that smoking only refers to smoking tobacco or cannabis. But there are some therapeutic and healing smokable herbs, smoking them gives the next level of satisfaction and they are not intoxicating. If you intake puff of organic ingredients, it will no longer be harmful

These herbal blends are prescribed by medics as these herbs help in stimulating calm and peace of mind and increase serotonin levels. Different types of herbs can prove beneficial for various kinds of illness and suffering.


1. Healing herb for anxiety :
A sudden or very feeling of concern and tension directing to unease and inner disturbance is recognized as Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).
Anxiety attacks can be range from mild, mode, or severe, treating them accordingly will help a lot in relapsing them.
So many smokable flowers are out there but Chamomile is considered better than rest for anxiety, it is abundant with seductive effect and an antispasmodic. Dried chamomile is often smoked out it’s the mild fruity and floral taste that reduces the stressors and tension.

2. Healing herb for period cramps :
Period cramp is pelvic pain suffers by menstruating women on their period days. This pain is very awful sometimes it results in nausea, back and thigh pain, and mood swings.
Ginger is an excellent herb for dysmenorrhea because ginger contains an enzyme called zingibain which helps in reducing the creation of prostaglandins. Lower the prostaglandins lower the period cramps and ache.
Taking a generous amount of ginger powder and mixing it with lemon juice and black pepper can reduce the ache of period cramps to the fullest extent.

3. Healing herb for calm and soothing
Everyone seeks some kind of relaxation and peace from this busy life. There is one thing you can do to chill, no not Netflix, and chill. It’s smoking dried rose petals, Yes we consider rose only as a beauty product or ingredient of a recipe but surprisingly! Rose petals are used in smoking it gives you a mild aromatic hit and sense of inner relaxation and soothes your cells and nerves. And it is very safe to smoke when you use organic flowers.
Mixing dried rose petals with some sandalwood powder gives an instant kick to your mood.


4. Healing herb for insomnia:
Insomnia is a very common problem nowadays, especially in teenagers. The concern of personal and professional life often leads to stress and this stress hinders peaceful sleep. According to experts, the human body requires a straight 7 to 8 hours of sleep for proper functioning. Improper and disturbed sleeping cycle consequences in health disease.
There are many sleeping pills and stuff available in the market but they come with side effects that’s why organic elements are suggested and most importantly lavender.
Lavender is a calming herb it’s a herb with a wonderful fragrance and great soothing qualities. Smoking down an old dried leaf of lavender de-stresses and melts down headaches. But it is important to note that you intake an adequate amount of it, not more than a teaspoon.

5. Healing herb for depression :
Depression is the worst mental state for a human being. And unfortunately, there are 10 million cases of depression listed per day
Depression can be cured with proper counseling with a therapist and psychologist.
Also, you can take measures to calm yourself.
You can smoke mint or saffron leaves for easing.
Sundried Mint leaves are crushed with strings of saffron is taken as smoking menthol cools down mental stress and the mild taste of saffron bind the overpowering punch of mint.
Here proportion is important when you infuse two ingredients, 2-3 strings of the saffron flower mixed with a 4-5 pinches of mint powder is enough.


Smoking is not dangerous unless you do it with all precautions and safe ingredients. It was actually misunderstood by society having a puff of something that actually calms you inside out is not illegal.

Happy smoking!