Movies that aced depiction of mental health

Indian cinema has a variety of movies that are entertaining but some movies are more than just entertaining but are excellent works of art.


Mental health is a critical part of health and fitness among individuals. It refers to a collection of actions directly or indirectly related to the mental well-being, prevention of mental illnesses, and treatment and rehabement of people affected by mental disorders. But how does mental health is represented in Indian cinema? Does it fulfill its role in being at the power of showcasing the right things and making an individual aware of mental health importance?
Whenever our Indian cinema tries to shed light on important issues in society, mostly the films aren’t successful in going into deep of problems and presenting them rather it just passes from surfaces.
But then some films did justice to the concept that was chosen and completely presented their film beautifully and even was able to connect to masses.

5 films that showcased mental health on big screens-
1. 15 Park Avenue
Aparna Sen’s ‘15 Park Avenue’ is a cinematic masterwork that revolves around Meethi played by Konkona Sen Sharma who suffers from Schizophrenia. It beautifully portrays the effects Schizophrenia has on the patient, her family, and her relationships. It’s realistic, emotional, and will be on your mind for days and will impress you.

2. Taare Zameen Par
Aamir Khan produced and acted in the 2007 film Taare Zameen Par, the plot revolves around eight-year-old Ishaan and the problems he confronts because of his condition, dyslexia. It was probably the first time this particular disorder was named in a mainstream Bollywood film. And what the movie managed to do for learning disorders for children with understanding complications, is what probably many psychiatrists couldn’t do despite severe hard efforts in the field.
With the great performance from actors, it’s a must-watch movie.

3. My name is Khan
In the beautifully presented movie, My Name Is Khan Shah Rukh Khan played a role of a man afflicted with Asperger’s Syndrome. He received wide praise for his detailed portrayal of the character and is said to have done a lot of exploration on the topic. Asperger’s Syndrome can be classified as an Autism Spectrum Disorder. This condition is characterized by significant complications in social interactions.

4. Barfi
Barfi! explores a complicated relationship between a deaf and mute person played by Ranbir Kapoor, an autistic person played by Priyanka Chopra, and an ordinary person Ileana D’Cruz. It was a refreshing film that attracts us to the world of the disabled without holding up the burden of pity. It is put together with tender kindness and the conclusion is influential and hugely moving. The description of love and sacrifice is what makes Barfi! worth watching.

5. Dear Zindagi
Dear Zindagi one of the best performances by Alia Bhatt is one of the movies that surround the topic of mental health. In the movie, Kaira played by Alia Bhatt is a cinematographer who suffers from deep-rooted psychological and abandonment issues that stem from her childhood. She realizes this and seeks therapy from Jug, an in conventionist played by Shah Rukh Khan.
It’s a beautiful movie that presented the significance of mental health and also the importance of loving oneself.

These beautiful movies will introduce you to the best movies of Indian cinema.