MS Dhoni’s Best Finishes; Matches That Shaped Jersey No. 7


Mahendra Singh Dhoni, simply better than everyone the best wicketkeeper for the Indian team, Nonreplaceable finisher, and captain like no one. Mahindra Singh dhoni is one of his kind no ever will be. That’s why senior to junior in cricket player whether an Indian or from any other countries cricket team loves and respects dhoni.

Often we come across the news of rivalry between two players of the same game but this thing does not apply to MS dhoni, even each player consider him an ideal and take every piece of advice by dhoni with full acceptance.


For the instance, Virat Kohli An another renowned Indian cricketer never misses praising MS Dhoni on his small or big and hit victory. For the record on the latest hit win of Chennai Super Kings In the Indian Premier League,  Virat Kohli Posted an appreciation post for MSD and retweeted it because he just forgot to add the word “Ever”.



But what makes Captain Cool catch this heat in everyone’s heart. Here explore some of his best and remarked match finishes which he is famous for :


2005 Match Against Pakistan :

India and Pakistan match always have fans’ interest and dedication to watch, the energy level is insane whenever a match is between these two countries. And this match is special because this match was the beginning of shaping  MS Dhoni into his mold one of the best captains of India ever.


15 fours, 4 sixes; 148 runs on 143 balls this match make Captain Saurabh Ganguly change the order of batting and replaced Sachin to No.4 Batsman and Dhoni to be No.3 batsman in sequence. Because of the way he played His innings powered the team to a match-winning 356/9, as India completed a comprehensive 58-run win to take a 2-0 lead in the series.


2012 Match Against Australia :

After India and Pakistan, the second country which gives an excitement to fans is match with Australia, Australian team always considered stronger than Indian team but the perspective had changed after this match. Because of everyone’s super-duper batting skills.


India was at the position of 179 on 3 Wickets and Gambhir, Suresh Raina, Jadeja was out. And the expectations of all was from dhoni, he played fluently and hit two fours in the first 2 balls, At last over India needs 12 runs in four balls, and as expected Dhoni hit 112 meters high six! The lasting six runs were attained with ease as McKay bowled a  no-ball before Dhoni completed three runs with a shot towards the square leg to seize a four-wicket win.


2017 Match Against England :

This match is played after when Dhoni withdrew the captaincy before the series, The duo of Yuvraj and Dhoni saved the match because has Indian team already faced the wicket of top -3 players in just 5 overs. This duo gave the Indian team 256 runs in the fourth over and finished 381/6.

India finalized a 15-run win, securing a defensible 2-0 lead in the three-match series..