MTV Splitsvilla Season 14: Uorfi Javed and Sakshi Dwived have a furious dispute.

Uorfi Javed, who appears on the show and will tussle with Sakshi Dwivedi in the forthcoming episode, cautions her against making any personal remarks.

Many single girls and boys participated in the reality show, MTV Splitsvilla X3, to find love and gain notoriety. The first season had a lot of twists and turns that the viewers adored.

We have seen a lot of action in the first two episodes of the new season. The contenders’ arguments and fighting were already on display for us to see. To find their love, the boys had to struggle.

The next episode will include internet phenomenon Uorfi Javed, who will enter the game and give the competitors a stiff challenge. As she enters, she will have difficulties with Sakshi Dwivedi, who will make personal remarks about Urofi’s attire upon seeing her.  At that point, Uorfi loses her calm and informs Sakshi that she has 700 likes on her post and 1 million followers on Instagram, proving her fame. She also warns her that she will reveal her true colours if Sakshi makes one more personal remark.
Are you excited to see Uorfi Javed in the upcoming season?