Musk And Bezos To Invest In India, Rivalry Heating Up Again

India is developing as an emerging global interest,  this development attracts many investors to invest their capital wisely.  Now, the world’s two consecutive richest business icons are proposing a deal to invest in satellite-based internet service in India.

Both of the billionaires had separate words with Indian Telecom Services and Space Department.  Reports are stating that both of them will apply for a licensing procedure soon.

The authenticity of the news is confirmed by Sanjay Bhargava, a founding memberer of PayPal post on LinkedIn  “Super excited to join SpaceX effective Oct 1, 2021, as Starlink Country Director India. Had worked with @elonmusk on the PayPal founding team,”

Once the licensing procedure is done, Starlink is willing to sell bandwidth to Railways, Defence, Airways, and telecom for better connectivity, and they are also inclined to help rural areas with loose connectivity.

“Just figuring out the regulatory approval process, ” said Musk on his Twitter handle, shows the urge to start the project ASAP.



However, Amazon is also looking forward to setting up a ground of satellite-based internet services. With their “ Project Kuiper” they aspire to avail bandwidth for an expanded digital audience and business objectives.