Must Watch Suspense Thriller K-dramas

Popular and spine chilling suspense thriller dramas that should be in must watch list.

Suspense thriller K-dramas are always exciting, it makes us want more with every passing episode. After watching endless hours of romantic K-dramas or melodramas, it’s time to switch to Suspense thriller.

This means it’s time to watch something a bit more crazy, serious and breathtaking. Besides the popular romantic K-dramas and melodramas, South Korea also creates thriller series that will make your heart beat like crazy or just stop for a moment. These thriller series have a certain nuance that isn’t seen on any other television series.

In these dramas, villains made sure to completely present that dark aura around them and also made us love them through their while hating them watching onscreen.




This drama was full of exciting moments where our hearts beat fast but because of the unexpected twists and turns.

It shows the harsh reality of upper-class people and the harsh reality of parenting. It focuses on the expectations that society and parents have from a child as a student.

This drama gave us talented actors.



Save Me must be on people’s must-watch list for its spine-chilling thriller storyline. The storyline gives endless fear. A family moves to a suburban town after their business fails. They soon meet the followers of a religious cult posing as a church. Soon the parents are hypnotized by the false image they present.

In reality, the church is riddled with abuse, violence, brainwashing, and possibly murder. After the suicide of the family’s son, things spiral out of control and the cult takes advantage. Years later, deeply rooted in the cult, the daughter wants out and gets the attention of four classmates she met the first day in town. This journey of survival and escape is overloaded with fear and tension. It’s a definite must-watch drama.



The intriguing part about most thriller K-dramas is that they don’t lose track of the genre and know to keep the viewer’s attention. The 2021 drama, Mouse is a drama that revolves around a heinous serial killer with ties to one of Korea’s more infamous murderers.

The rise of this new gruesome serial killer has a steadfast cop and police detective on the hunt for a suspect. As they follow the bloody path of the killer, they meet something unexpected. The drama also plays upon the psychological question of whether a killer is born or created. It’s a good take to enjoy a thrilling drama and learn a criminal’s mind.



The Penthouse: War In Life became one of Korea’s top watched dramas that ranked in the Top 50 Korean television series per nationwide viewers and one of the few series to have more than one season. It has 3 seasons filled with unexpected twists. The drama revolves around thriller, mystery, suspense, crime, and revenge as it tells a deadly story of trying to get to a higher place and cover up the crime.

The drama shows the life of a group of wealthy families living in the same building complex. Each character has a dark past, deadly demons, and a thirst for power. When a tragic death occurs during a party, the families do whatever it is necessary to protect their children and image and their thirst for power.



In the drama, Lee Ahn possesses the ability to see people’s memories when he touches them. While he still lacks full control over his power, he wishes to use it to find leads and crackdown on crimes.

One day, Ahn meets Yoon Jae-in, who has been hiding a painful past. To help Jae-in, he needs to put his ability to the test and have better control over it. He convinces his brother, prosecutor Kang Sung-mo, and investigator Eun Ji-soo to let him join them in solving ongoing crimes.  This drama is going to shock you with the unexpected flashback and the saddening sequences where some may cry.