Namita Thapar calls a product “gimmicky”, know more about the pitch

Shark Tank India Season 2: There have been many pitches in Season 2 of Shark Tank India that have been rejected by the Sharks. But, this pitch got a lot of criticism form the sharks regarding the fundamentals and the claims of the product.

‘SAS Fat to Slim’ founded by Shikha Aggarwal, is a business idea that focuses on the journey of weight-loss. But, the product claims that it’s all a game of diet and no exercise. The founder of the company states that the importance of exercise is not proportional to that of diet, and matters just 20%. Whereas, the contribution of diet is 80%.

On this claim, Namita Thapar ( Executive director at Emcure Pharmaceuticals) lashed out and said, “How can you say no exercise? I fundamentally don’t agree with your theory. Let’s spread the message that weight loss happens by changing one’s lifestyle. Our country is turning into a diabetes capital, and blood pressure capital because people are doing such ‘gimmicky’ activities, and messing with their health. I’m sorry but when I hear such claims, I’m angry. I think we need to stop misleading the country,” 

Apart from Namita the other sharks also called out the founder on giving false hopes to its customers who try such products because of their insecurities. The pitch was harshly rejected by all the sharks present.