NASA’s latest picture of pulsar looks like a giant cosmic rose

The National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) shared the image of a recently captured pulsar start that made the internet go into a frenzy. There have been loads of online buzz over the resemblance of the image to that of a blooming rose.

The image shared on Tuesday, of an ultra-dense star – SXP 1062 was taken by NASA’s Chandra X-ray observatory which is designed to monitor X-ray emission from hot regions of the universe. These are the ones that usually pick up the signal when there is a massive cosmic explosion or in an event of the explosion of a star.

NASA shared this image on its official Instagram account – NASA CHANDRA X-RAY.

The pulsar star that has a very slow rotation rate (once every 18 min) when compared to other coequals is relatively young and is located in a Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC). These are about 20km in diameter. NASA further explained that the red emission from the star causes the white illumination.