‘Nayanthara Beyond The Fairy Tale’, All That You Wanted To Know About

A documentary titled ‘Nayanthara: Beyond The Fairytale’ portraying actress Nayanthara’s life and work will be streamed on Netflix in March 2023. A new promo has been shared by the streaming platform on social media.

The promo shows Nayanthara saying “she was not a filmy girl, but a normal girl who wants to give her hundred percent to everything she does”. Also, we can see Vignesh Shivan, her partner, joking when he is asked “Why Nayanthara”? Vignesh also adds that she is a wonderful human being.

The documentary directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon will be throwing light on the actress’s life and work, and also on her love life with filmmaker Vignesh Shivan. The actress is a lady superstar in South India.

The director Gautham Menon recently revealed in an interview that many people thought he was directing her wedding movie, but actually, it is a documentary with Netflix that reveals the full life and work of Nayanthara.

According to Gautham Menon, Nayanthara is called a Lady Superstar for a reason and he is trying to bring the reason out on the screen. All her photographs right from childhood and also her special moments are added to the documentary. He also revealed that Vignesh was also a part of it.

‘Nayanthara Beyond The Fairytale’ the expected release is in March 2023.