NCT 127 1st Teasers For September Comeback With “2 Baddies”

NCT 127 was preparing to return in September, according to a statement from SM Entertainment released at the beginning of August.

NCT 127 released two enticing teasers for their next release on August 19 at midnight KST. On September 16, the group will release “2 Baddies,” its fourth studio album.

Here are their initial teasers.

Since the release of their repackaged album “Favorite” in October 2021, NCT 127 has not released an album in 11 months.
Sports Chosun reported on August 8 that the boy group is in the final stages of preparing for a September comeback and is now filming their new music video.

Their extended p2016 debut ranked #127. When it was released in 2016, it was a commercial success, and it earned them the Best New Group honour at multiple South Korean music award ceremonies. Doyoung and Johnny joined the group in December 2016, and their second EP Limitless was released in 2017. Jungwoo, the group’s final member, joined in September 2018, and their debut studio album Regular-Irregular was released in 2018.