Netflix Being Sued For The Popularity Of Squid Game!

Netflix original series Squid Game has become so popular that South Korean Internet provider to ban Netflix for network traffic

Netflix’s fictional drama Squid Game which was released on September 17 has created a buzz among viewers.

Squid game is a 9 episodes South Korean drama launched on Netflix. It is a fictional drama where hundreds of people participate in the game to win a money prize. The kid’s games in challenge change into a deadly surviving game.

The Netflix drama has shown many aspects of a person’s life, from the financial struggles an individual faces to the challenges they face emotionally which eventually lead them to suffer throughout their lives. The drama showed the true human nature and behaviour in certain situations and how one reacts. The show has beautifully presented trust, friendship, fear, competitiveness, eagerness to survive, betrayal, and the reflection of society which made viewers engage throughout all nine episodes.

This eventually made the show hit 111 million fans within 27 days and made Netflix’s biggest launch.S

Squid game became so popular that the South Korean Internet service provider SK Broadband sued Netflix to pay for costs from increased network traffic and maintenance work because of the surge in viewers. The series which placed No. 1 in over 90 countries on Netflix has created network traffic according to South Korean Internet Service Provider SK Broadband.But the content platforms don’t pay for internet network usage even though the consumers access platforms with the Internet.

Netflix urges that their work finishes with creating content and leaving it to be accessed by viewers but is not bound to pay internet usage costs. The same goes for platforms like YouTube because it has most of the traffic produced from foreign content.


We don’t know if Netflix is going to pay internet usage costs or not.