Netflix Releases ‘ Once Upon A Small Town’ Trailer , Tap To See The Trailer

The picture gives us a peek of Heedong Village’s lush surroundings as Ahn Ja-young, a police officer, and Han Ji-tool, a veterinarian, emerge from the woods to inspect the harvest.


Before being questioned about their love life, each individual introduces themselves and their separate jobs. While Ji-tool claims that he has some tooling mind, Ja-young tells the interviewer that she has no time for romance. The clip shows Ji-tool gazing longingly at Ja-tools.

Adapted from a web novel of the same frame by Park Ha-min, Once Upon A Small Town depicts a relationship between a man from Seoul and a policewoman from the countryside.

On September 5, both Netflix and KakaoTV will debut the series, a South Korean OTT streaming service KakaoTV original. The series’ summary describes Han l as a curmudgeonly Seoul native who follows the rules and quits his city job to be with his grandfather. He is also a veterinarian.

Though things improve when he meets the village’s most dependable policewoman, he finds country life in Heedong Village to be more challenging than anticipated.