New Promotional Video of Thor: Love and Thunder is Out Now!!

Thor: Love and Thunder will release on 7th July in India and on 8th July across the globe.

Marvel Cinematic Universe has Billions if not , millions of fans. People from all over the world always watch Marvel movies and are always excited for new marvel projects that are coming. Until now Marvel has released two projects in 2022 but now in the next two months Marvel has three projects lined up Ms Marvel, Thor: Love and Thunder, and She Hulk.

Thor Love and Thunder was supposed to release on July 8 but now the date has shifted from July 8 to July 7. Though the date has shifted a single day, the fans are supper excited to see their favorite superhero, Thor, again in the MCU and their favorite actor Chris Hemsworth playing the role.

The official runtime for Thor: Love and Thunder is out and it will be a short film. The movie will be just 1 hour 59 minutes long. This is the shortest Marvel movie since 2018. The fans expected a longer movie as Doctor Strange was also a short film. The date for the World Premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder is 23rd June.

Today Marvel Studios has release a new promotional video where we can see new shots from the movie. The video is almost a minute long and several new scenes of the movie can be seen. The movie will surely have all the genres, comedy, thriller, actions, drama, romance, combined into one. Chris Hemsworth looks better can ever and this movie has the potential of crossing the 1 billion dollar mark.

Check out the video below: