New Sneak Peek of Dhanush in an Action Sequence from ‘The Gray Man’ is released, Check it Out!

The Gray Man will release in selected theatres on 15th July and will stream on Netflix a week after that on 22nd July.

Netflix is one of the leading OTT platform in the world. The kind of creative content on Netflic is unmatchable by any other OTT Platform. Shows like Money Heist, Squid Games, Stranger Things and many more have unmatchable fan base and no other OTT platforms have such content. Netflix also provides so many shows that it is impossible to watch all of them. Every week Netflix has lined up a Tv Show or a movie.

The Gray Man is a new movie that is releasing on Netflix and it is directed by The Russo Brothers. The cast of the movie is amazing as it stars Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and an Indian Actor, Dhanush, too. This has made the Indian audience more excited to watch the movie. The movie will release on Netflix as well as in selected theatres. It will release in theatres just a week before on Netflix, on 15th July and it will be premiering on Netflix on 22nd July.

Yesterday Netflix made a big Announcement that The Russo Brothers are coming to India to meet Dhanush and the fans. Several Marvel fans who have watched Marvel movies directed by them are very excited after hearing this news as  they the level of direction they do and what all they can expect of The Gray Man.

Today Netflix released a video starring Ryan Gosling, Dhanush, and Ana de Armas. The video shows a actiion packed sequence between the three actors. Ryan Gosling and Ana de Armas fight together against Dhanush alone and though Dhanush was alone he shows great action and skills. He fights both of them alone and beats them in the fight alone.

Check out the video below: