Northeast India snowfall destinations that will take your breath away

Instead of staying at boring plains, plan an amazing trip to the snowy destinations of North East India.

While there are several spots in India, particularly in North India, where you may enjoy snowfall throughout the winter, North East India has remained mostly unknown. Snow-capped mountains and snowy scenic locations dot the landscape of North East India. If you choose North East India for your winter snow vacation, you will never forget its captivating scenery and will give this region its due credit.

Bomdila, Arunachal Pradesh: Perhaps you’ve dreamed of a place where nature is at its most enthralling, where the cold wind, the background of the shimmering beauty of snow, and little tribal communities lull you into a hypnotic slumber. In reality, such a location exists. The breathtaking views of Bomdila will give you goosebumps. It provides the most stunning walking paths because it is nestled among the massive Himalayas. During the winter, Bomdila is blanketed in snow, and the snow-capped Kangte and Gorichen Peaks enchant the observer. Bomdila is a wonderful spot to visit if you want peace and quiet in nature.

Katao, Sikkim: Mt Katao is an alternative snowfall tourism spot in Sikkim where you may be enchanted by the beautiful snowy sceneries. In the winter, you may enjoy the thrill of thrills as well as the breath-taking beauty of snowfall. There are lots of adventurous things to enjoy here, including snowboarding, skiing, stone grinding, and snow tubing. It is situated on Donkila Hill and provides breathtaking views of the Himalayan peaks, as well as lovely poppy, primula, and rhododendron plants and tranquil alpine valleys. It’s a fantastic location for nature photography.

Lachung and Lachen, Sikkim: The charming Lachung and Lachen is a herald of delight for the most wonderful snowfall winter vacations on your way to enjoying the scenic snowy surroundings. Lachung and Lachen, which is located in the Himalayan highlands, receive a lot of snow in the winter. The temperature fluctuates between –5°C and 10°C. Magnificent streams, immaculate waterfalls, towering snow-capped mountains, stunning peach, apple, and apricot orchards, mesmerizing trekking paths to alpine valleys, bizarre Tibetan monasteries, incredibly fun yak rides, and the most beautiful Gurudongmar Lake will captivate your senses. Lachen and Lachung is nothing short of a beautiful haven.

Mechuka Valley, Arunachal Pradesh: It is known as Arunachal Pradesh’s “lost valley.” The tranquility and lack of crowds make this a wonderful spot for peace seekers and nature enthusiasts. This site is worth visiting all year because of the lush foliage and nice weather, but its true beauty can only be experienced in the winter. The fairy-tale-like breathtaking sceneries, snow-capped mountains, and exquisite lakes and woods of this surreal valley, hidden in West Siang, will persuade you to stay here forever. Snow-covered roofs, light frost, and chilly air beg for spectacular snow photography.

Nathu La Pass, Sikkim: If you enjoy the snow, you should not miss Nathu La Pass. It is one of Sikkim’s most scenic and highest motorable routes. This mountain pass, located in the beautiful Himalayan Peaks, connects Sikkim with China. The bizarre Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage sites, stunning alpine flora all around, and the most enticing vista of Chumbi Valley and Mt Chomolhari make it a nature lover’s paradise. During the winter, the breathtaking sparkling snow and beautiful magnificent mountains make this one of the most popular and favorite winter locations in Sikkim for snow enthusiasts.

Sandakphu, West Bengal: Sandakphu, also known as Trekker’s Paradise, is a haven for adventurers. Snowfall will melt your heart and entice your eyes and senses during the winter. There is no better site to witness the greatest views of the Himalayan mountains than Sandakphu. It is West Bengal’s highest peak. Snow does not fall in all parts of Darjeeling. Apart from that, your winter holidays in North East India will be made even more fascinating by the magnificent town of Darjeeling, with its enchanting valleys and hills.